Brian "Gritty" Snider

Brian "Gritty" Snider grew up in Chester listening to KSGM and has now worked for Donze Communications since 1987.

A 1987 graduate of Chester High School, Snider began working for KSGM in September 1987 while studying radio at Broadcast Center in St. Louis. Following his graduation in February 1989, he has been with Donze Communications ever since. From 1989 to 1993, Snider was the nighttime DJ on KSGM AM 980 and served as the station's music director.

He served at the radio Voice of the Yellow Jackets since 1988 until January 2017. But health issues and a change in jobs at Donze Communications led to him leaving the sports booth

"When I first started at KSGM, I was able to work as the nighttime DJ and then also cover the Yellow Jackets," said Snider. "Talk about the best of both worlds. But the Flood of 1993 changed all of that in a heartbeat. I was still able to broadcast the Yellow Jacket games on KBDZ at that time but since KSGM was off the air because of the flooding to the old transmitter site, my dream of being a DJ in my hometown quickly came to a screeching halt."

In November 2016, KSGM changed formats from Mainstream Country to Classic Country and Gritty moved to the host of the Morning Honky Tonk.

"I beyond excited when I was offered the chance to DJ again," said Gritty. "It had been more than 23 years since I played the music on air. But because of health issues, I couldn't do both anymore thanks to the hours. I figured I had traveled all over Southern Illinois chasing the Yellow Jackets for 29 years and it was time to do something else. This (being a DJ) was one of the main reasons I got into the radio business in the first place. I didn't know this opportunity would ever come along again in my life. It did, I made the change and I'm having the time of the my life doing the morning show."

Along with the move to mornings, Snider was also named the Imaging Director for both Classic Country 980 and Classic Rock 93.1 KBDZ.

"Its so much fun to be creative with this," said Snider. "I'm responsible for writing and producing all of the legal IDs, sweeps and drops that you hear between songs on both stations. When I get an idea for something, I have the automatic green light to run with it and produce it. I'm living a dream right now with the morning show and imaging. If this is a dream, don't wake me up. LOL."

In his spare time, Gritty enjoys listening to music, reading autobiographies, hanging out with his friends in Second Life and spending time with his adopted cat "Queenie."